When restaurants miss the point

Why I rarely dine out

restaurant openI’ve been in the restaurant industry off and on since way back when they made a screwdriver withTang up until 2004 when I traded in my black and whites for Blunts and leashes. I’m cursed with observation skills that can ruin an evening out. I know who’s waiting for something, who’s dicking around, when there’s food up, and all the back of house workings. So, when I ask for a side of bread with my apps and I’m told “It only comes with such and such” I kinda start to lose it. That’s what happened the other night while out with a friend. I won’t mention the name of the place because there’s been a bit of a Facebook backlash lately based on bad reviews. I will say this though, the places mentioned here are in Leslieville.

All I wanted was a side of bread not a heaping helping of drama

We ordered three apps and when I requested a side of bread the server was very concerned about the possibility of making it so. “It comes with the pate did you want that?” “No, I’d like some bread on a plate, charge me whatever” ” I don’t know if we can do that, let me check”    O M G !

The chef  gave us the bread for free, so good on her.

A few weeks ago I was out with a group of friends. The place had a sausage dish that had mash, veg and gravy. Again, I asked for a couple of sausages and a bit of bread, I planned to share it with the table. I got the same, almost verbatim speech. When she came back from checking with the kitchen she told me I could have it, but since the bread would be in place of the mash they would need to charge for the whole meal. Whatever, fine, just make it happen. Well I got two sausages, some sautéed zucchini, and grilled dry bread, all swimming in some “gravy”. When I pointed out that it was not what I ordered she just nodded. Really?

I let it go because I didn’t have the energy to dispute it plus I didn’t want to make a scene and make my friends uncomfortable. I regretted it later because it’s not like me to back down.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just food

A friend reiterated a story about someone who ordered eggs over easy and was told he could only have scrambled.

If you own a restaurant and your goal is to have people come through the door and spend money you need to train your staff  better, and you need to bend a little. I’m not talking about making unreasonable adjustments like, “Can you please take the meat out of my steak?” just be realistic and get your head out of your ass. Sure, you may be first in line for the next cooking show but for God sakes we are paying guests that chose to come to your establishment, not freeloaders  camped on your couch. You can do these things, you choose not to.

So that said, enjoy your lineups, arrogant cooks, and clueless floor staff Leslieville. I’ll keep my money and frequent places that are more down to earth.

Bon Appetit.





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