Warkworth Long Lunch 2015 and Vintage Campers

 I drove over two hours for the Warkworth Long Lunch

warkworth sign

I never wait in line at a restaurant but driving over two hours to Warkworth, Ontario, an artist community of about 800 for it’s 12th annual Long Lunch was planned for weeks.

I love a good road trip, especially with great company. In this case my beautiful daughter Jessica was my co pilot. I spent Saturday night at her place in Keswick and we headed out to Warkworth early Sunday morning. The food was delicious and the town was charming but my real motivation for going was to meet the “Trailerites” of Girl Camp Canada.

In my quest to learn as much as I can about the camper culture I joined several related Facebook pages, Girl Camp Canada is one of my faves. Mostly because the women on it are awesome, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable, plus it’s Canadian.

Today was my first hands on experience in preparation for my mother of all road trips. I turn 60 in 2018 and plan to liquidate, hook up my camper which I’ve yet to find, pack up me and my dog Booboo, and make our way to BC via North America.

I met a few of the Girl Camp ladies, Anne MacDonald, Karrot Craig, and Raquilda van Zoeren.

van Zoren lives just outside of town and owns the  Village Pantry located on Main St.  She also hosted the ladies and their campers on her property the night before. I walked briefly with her as I queried her about her new acquisition, an Airstream Argosy. I’m surprised I learned as much as I did considering she was stopped by someone every few feet.

I dubbed her the mayor of Warkworth.

Just when I think I know the camper I want, I see something else

I  thought I would be OK with a 15′ Shasta or  Serro Scotty type but after seeing van Zoeren’s Argosy I’m back to square one. The 20′ classic camper boasts extra room, a  three piece bathroom, and it has those beautiful Airstream curves.

Warkworth is charming, serine, friendly and NOT Toronto


Missed the Long Lunch?

Check out the Warkworth Fall Fair, September 11-13, 2015



6 thoughts on “Warkworth Long Lunch 2015 and Vintage Campers”

  1. Missed you at the Show and Shine, but glad you enjoyed the day. It was so HOT, some of the Muskoka girls were hiding in the shade at the side of the Town Hall. We had the Scotty’s and the Boler… A very fun weekend for sure. Hope you find your dream trailer… Raquilda’s is so lovely and she just got it a few weeks back. Be careful, it can be addictive. Live your dream!

  2. thank you so much ,it was lovely to meet you,even for the 5 min:) Im so impressed with your blog ! Don’t be shy when in the area come and visit and we will have a coffee, and we will help you find your dream trailer,

  3. It was wonderful to meet you! Can’t wait to help you find that amazing vintage trailer that you’ll call home – soon I hope!

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