They’re Baaaaack!

Ah yes, with the nice weather comes the Fair Weather users


crowdYou know them, they show up around this time so happy to be outside enjoying the parks and beaches with their dogs, lattes, and phones. They sport fancy walking gear and poop bag systems  in the shape of green eggs or cleverly attached mesh bags on their leash. For the most part they pick up after their dogs, that is if they see them poop.

I use Cherry Beach daily. I know in a lot of cases I’m preaching to the choir here, after all I’m posting this on beach dog park pages and most Fair Weather users are probably not members.

I expect the parking lot to be full, I’m OK with that as long as I can find a spot. After all I’m there to WALK so taking a few extra steps from my car is not going to kill me, or anyone else for that matter assuming they are watching where they are going. You might also want to leash your dogs while coming and going from your car. You know, common sense.

Really, you’re that lazy?

What makes me really, really crazy is when I see people stacking shit bags, coffee cups and assorted other debris on top of or around a garbage can that is full. Common sense would suggest walking to the next receptacle wouldn’t it? How about consideration for the person that has to empty and pick up around that can?  I’m pretty sure these folks empty their kitchen garbage when it’s full. Why is it OK to disrespect our parks?

I know there are many silent heroes out there that quietly clean up. You probably know some of them. I however can’t be silent. If I see someone leaving garbage around I have no problem saying something. If I find a dead animal on the shore or in the bushes I don’t wave people away and warn them of it’s location, I slip a bag on my hand and pick it up. I don’t want my dogs rolling in it either.

So, to those of you that do your part, thank you!

To those of you that are just selfish, inconsiderate, lazy, and stupid shame on you. You really do boggle the mind.

That said, there are two cleanups coming up.

Let’s set an example for our Fair Weather friends, maybe even suggest they join in.

Hope to see you there.

*UPDATE* The 2017 Cherry Beach Clean up is Saturday, April 22 11 am-12:30 pm

Cherry Beach Cleanup                                           Toronto Beaches Dog Association

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2 thoughts on “They’re Baaaaack!”

  1. Way to go Kelly, I agree with everything you wrote. Just two days ago, I ran into a couple with poop bags in their hands out at the point at Cherry Beach, moaning on about how come there aren’t garbage bins out there. I told them that they just have to carry the poop to the entrance where they came in, lots of bins there. Not a big prob. They insisted that the city should be providing bins out at the point, that “that’s what we pay taxes for”. Cripes! — I followed along behind them for a bit — and saw the woman heave two bagged poop bag under a tree and walk on, leaving them there. What’s wrong with these people? I picked them up as I passed and took it out for her, but more than anything, I wanted to tie those little green bags to the windshield wiper of her car.

    In provincial parks throughout this province you’ll come across signs that read “take nothing but photos and memories, leave nothing behind but footprints” — we should maybe put up signs in dog parks like that. May be it’d help.

    I’ll be down on Saturday at CB at 10:30 or so to help do a clean up – am bringing a rake, rubber gloves and a heavy duty garbage bag. I use the park a lot – twice a day, 365 a year — I owe the park that much since it’s given me so many fabulous memories over the last 17+ years. Thanks for all your hard work and organizing Kelly!

    1. Thanks Ingrid, it’s so frustrating isn’t it? I really don’t understand people sometimes. I’ll see you Saturday, I’ll have coffee and treats for us at the gate.

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