At the age of 58 I got my first, second and third tattoo

If tattoos were the rage in the 70’s I know I’d have a lot more than 3 and no doubt some regrettable ones.

This was an easy decision since I’m single, self employed and due to retire to a life of wandering the open road in 2018.

I recommend getting tattoos late in life because you’ll have lived through enough shit to earn yourself some badges.

You’ll know right away what it will look like when you’re “old” and you’re at that point in your life where you can do whatever the eff you want.

So do what makes you happy, no regrets.


The first one was a sun, I had been to a festival and got the henna version. Loved it so much I got it on my back.



I was instantly inspired by this pillow case and had the artist tweak it to a gentler representative of GypsyCanine, my blog image. Guess you could say I literally branded myself.


The third one was inspired by this bracelet.

Bracelet or anklet? This one took some thought.

It looks super sexy at your side with those little cut off shorts. Yeah, firstly I don’t wear those. Secondly I’m too passionate to have my hand at my side, I flail my hands around like a an Italian speaking sign language. I frequently find myself waving and pointing at people alerting them to their dog pooing (I’m a dog walker in my other life). I regularly crisscross my arms above my head in an effort to get the attention of one of my dogs that has chosen to wander off over there, and I’m prone to thrusting my hands out the car window using my digits as a commentary on other people’s driving habits.

These actions would only end up making the design look like an unnatural defiance of gravity.

An anklet made the most sense, I’m constantly on my feet and the last time my legs were up in the air was the result of a couple of dogs not watching where they  were going.

I’ll be getting something to represent my two kids, after all I can’t have one of my dog and not them, what kind of mother would that make me?


Where did all this go down?

Liza at The Black Pearl

294A  Danforth Ave.

(647) 777-2201



Thanks for reading. I'd love to know your thoughts.