Local Woman Amazed by Events Day After Toronto Snow Storm. You Won’t Believe What She Saw.

Toronto experienced a significant snow fall on March 1, 2016.

Up until that point it was unseasonably warm.

We all know what happens when winter takes people by surprise.

Some unbelievable pictures of what went down the day after the storm

no snow ballsVery little snowballs on the legs of a Doodle dog



kids playingChildren playing outside




cleaning carCleaning a car with a brush and not relying on windshield wipers and vehicular propulsion


Taking advantage of the elements


no bikesNo kamikaze cyclists about to slide under a car


cross walkUsing the crosswalk properly


pushing carHelping each other out


clear sidewalk Ka Space northClear sidewalks without 7 pounds of salt



Is it possible Toronto has figured out this winter thing?


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