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Where Can You See the Final Hip Concert in Leslieville?

Saturday, August 20 will be the final Tragically Hip concert

The Hip will be performing in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario and the CBC will broadcast the show live on all of it’s platforms.

I did a bit of a (dry) pub crawl Sunday afternoon along Queen St. E between Booth and Greenwood (the distance I’m prepared to stumble home from on Saturday) asking who was celebrating the Hip.

Here’s some of the establishments showing the concert and a couple of maybes.

 The Hip is happening here:



The Duke

duke patio

The Duke is the largest venue on my route so if there’s a bunch of you this is the place. George will air the concert inside on a large screen as well the patio. Due to City regulations regarding noise levels the volume outside will have to be at a civil decibel. You might want to download the CBC app and listen full blast via your buds. Not sure if the two will be in sync but it’s an option.


Duke Stout, Lager and Budwiser  $5

Jager and Jamesion $4

The Duke Live

1225 Queen St. E @ Leslie



 McQueen’s Pub

McQueen's bar www.gypsycanine.com

McQueen’s is doing a full on party.

There are 5 TV’s  throughout the bar and there will be a projection screen in the back dart room (seats 10-15).


$5 Canadian/Hip tribute food items

Some reservations accepted

McQueen’s Pub

Event page

993 Queen St. E @ Pape





One of three Toronto locations, the small but quaint Leslieville shop known as Little AAA will have the TV on at the bar. The room holds about 30 people so best to come early.


$5 AAA draft

$3 Tequila

Food items TBA


1276 Queen St. E (across from the beer store)



 The Ceili Cottage


ceili cottage poster

The Ceili Cottage will air the concert in the bar as well the dockside patio. Limited seating and no reservations so get there early.



Georgian Bay Gin Smash

Bobcaygeon beer

Malpeque oysters

Ceili Cottage

1301 Queen St. E




Maybe you can see it here:


Barrio’s South Patio

Barrio patio

Barrio, formerly Joy Bistro has a great patio on the Queen St. side and there is a TV at the bar. If the majority rules they will turn on the concert.


884 Queen St. E @ Booth



The Thirsty Duck

Thirsty Duck

The Thirsty Duck has 3 TV’s at the bar. You may have to negotiate one for yourself but they are down with showing the concert if people request it. Limited seating.

The Thirsty Duck

972 Queen St. E @ Carlaw


Honorable mention


Tom & Sawyer

Can’t forget the dawgs


Here’s a comprehensive nation wide list

Do you know of any other  local locations? Share in the comments.



Thanks for reading. I'd love to know your thoughts.