R U an RV Newbie? The Pros at the Can Am RV Centre Have All Your Answers.

Preparing for the Mother of All Road Trips

cartoon dino trailerIn 2013 I decided to leave Toronto and move to Vancover Island. A five year plan was put into action. In 2018 when I turn 60 I will liquidate all my assets, buy a camper, and head out on the mother of all road trips. Being a total RV virgin I knew there was a lot to learn.

Most importantly I needed to master the logistics of campers, towing, and operating the equipment. There had to be some sort of course out there.  I checked out the 2015 Fall RV Show and discovered that the Can Am RV Centre offered such a seminar. I signed up for the April 3, 2016 presentation and it was the best thing I could have done.

When I arrived in the morning of April 3 I was paired with Evan a long time salesman at the centre. Evan asked me about the kind of RV I wanted and what type of vehicle I was planning to tow with. Based on that he scheduled three test drives for me, all with various campers and tow vehicles. I don’t mind telling you I was terrified but I was in good hands and we all made it back in one piece.

In between the test drives was  a comprehensive information session covering financing, insurance, maintenance, types of camping, and all the nuts and bolts of hitching and towing.

Visit their website for videos and tips.

Here’s a bit of what I learned:

  • There are several types of RV’s. The folks at Can Am can help you find the right one, they have a large and varied inventory comprised of new and pre-loved rigs.
  • You can book a test drive at Can Am anytime, even request a specific camper and tow combo, they’ll hook it up for you and have it waiting.
  • My “driving buddies” on my test drives were longtime customers volunteering their time and were more than happy to share their tips and experiences.
  •  Best to forgo the car manufacture tow package and have the folks at Can Am hook you up, this is their specialty.
  • Going solely by the manufacture’s weight recommendation is not necessary. There are many factors relating to the size, aerodynamics and design that should be considered when pairing a camper and tow vehicle
  • Airstreams are freakin’ beautiful, easy to tow, hold their value, and I want one. Check out this video of a Jag doing a slalom course while towing an Airstream.
  • RV loans have the lowest delinquency rate. You can get a 20 year FIXED rate open loan using your RV as collateral.
  • There are all kinds of campsite resources, one they recommended was Campsite Photos
  • While at a camp site if you are looking for company, look under the hood of your car, someone will come along.
  • The line up for the men’s washroom at an RV centre is a lot longer than the women’s, just sayin’.


Curious about the freewheeling RV lifestyle? It’s well worth the trip to London, Ontario to speak with the Can Am crew. They are experts in the industry and you will learn everything you need to know. I’ll be buying my home on wheels within the next year or so, you can bet I’ll be going back to Can Am.

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