NATO Phonetic Alphabet – You Know, Words For Letters

Do you struggle to come up with names when reciting letters?

woman trying to hear

I recently bought a new car.

Yay, thanks.

When I was reading my VIN number to my insurance agent I was trying to figure out words to assign to the letters, you know, like ‘A, as in Albert’. I seemed to be on a health theme, apple. banana, carrot, diet, exercise… until I got to F U which I read out verbatim while laughing. Fortunately my agent joined me in my sophomoric amusement.

The NATO phonetic alphabet was created by the  International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the 1950’s.

Do you know the official language of letters?

Here’s a pictorial guide, answers at the bottom.

 How’d you do?

Here are the answers.



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