$20 burger Maple Leaf Tavern Leslieville, Toronto

My 2 Cents On The $20 Burger – Maple Leaf Tavern, Leslieville

Leslieville loves a new restaurant


If you’re  a restaurateur Leslieville is a good place to have a stellar opening, everyone is anxious to try out the New Place. If restaurant openings were compared to movie premieres then most in Leslieville would have top grossing weekends, just be consistently fabulous and you’ll get to stick around.

Myself and three friends checked out the revamped Maple Leaf Tavern on Friday, May 6. We had a reservation so that was good, lineups are not my favorite thing especially if I’m spending my “self employed, single woman supporting a Leslieville mortgage” dollars on a $20 cheeseburger.

For some reason we all ordered the burger, it came with house-made American cheese and dill relish served on a home made bun that was five years in the making, a small amount of fries and garlic mayo.

It was tasty but not tremendously hot which is curious since the place was pretty busy and the burger was one of the most popular items. One would expect it to be moving out at a fast pace and be piping hot. The skewer as depicted in the photo I borrowed from the Toronto Life article (Renee Suen) was missing  the impaled olives.

The service was friendly but a bit slow, there were a couple of empty tables so the staff wasn’t run off their feet. That aside the company was great so we we kept ourselves entertained while we waited for our drinks and food.

After we ate I asked everyone what they thought. “It wasn’t life altering” was the consensus. Apparently that’s the expectation for a $20 burger.

Was it the best burger in the world?

Not according to our table mate Mr.B. who claims the best burger he ever had was in New Orleans at a place called Port of Call. Seeing as Mr.B had just gotten back from a year long world tour the day before I’ll take his word for it.

The decor was nice, the side we were on was more of a dining room and the other side had a bar atmosphere.

I loved the washrooms, the ambient route to downstairs radiated candles and exposed brick leading to several individual ‘water closets’, unusual but appreciated.

The basement walls also served as a gallery displaying several framed photos of the tavern in it’s before phase.


Would I go back? Probably, maybe have  a pint on the patio when it opens.

Check out the GOODHOOD piece for details about the tavern’s recent transformation.


Maple Leaf Tavern

955 Gerrard St. East


Cheeseburger and two pints with tax and tip $50




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  1. Port of Call does have a great burger but now NOLA has Company Burger which is even more amazing. It was started by one of the creators of the legendary Holeman & Finch burger in Atlanta. BTW my favorite Toronto burger is still Jennifer’s Stilton Beef Brisket Burger at Nota Bene, with honorable mention to Burger Shack in the cheap & cheerful category.

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