Keep your dogs safe and off social media

Postings of lost pets are alarmingly frequent

They’re all over social media, lost/found dog alerts. On one hand it’s great, the word spreads quickly and people jump into action but at the same time it’s becoming a bit of an epidemic. How are all these dogs getting lost? It can be as simple as wandering outside of the yard but in a lot of the cases dogs get scared and bolt. Most times these are dogs new to a home such as rescues. We know they are safe and with a loving family but they don’t. We rarely have the details of their previous lives so we must think for them, anticipate the worst and do everything we can to keep them safe and secure.

Free ‘Safe and Saved’ seminar kicks off the Lost and Found Pets Toronto fundraiser

The Toronto dog community takes this issue seriously and in true “village” fashion they have banded together to share their time, expertise, and networking abilities to make a difference.

Would you be able to recognize the fear and flight signs in your dog?  Whether you are a pet parent, thinking of rescuing a dog, involved with a rescue, or working as a pet professional, you will benefit from this seminar.

signs of fear body language

Dog trainer Maggi Burtt CPDT-KA (that means she knows her stuff) of Tailspin Petworx  has joined forces with Lost and Found Pets Toronto  and will be speaking at their fundraiser Saturday, June 25, 3:00 pm at Barkside Bistro in Leslieville.

You will learn the following safety precautions:

  • Fear, the four f’s
  • Body language
  • Space management inside and outside of the home
  • Tools – walking gear and in home equipment
  • Family intros – other pets, kids, and family members
  • Triggers- outside noises, animals, elevators, fireworks, thunder etc.
  • Dog parks – yay or nay
  • Keeping yourself safe – how not to push a dog past it’s limits

About Lost and Found Pets Toronto

Founded by local dog walker Winnie Laning of the Dog Zone in 2014, this Facebook page has over 1,300 members. People upload pictures of lost and found pets and they are quickly shared. They also cross post with other lost and found groups. It goes way beyond a simple click, Laning scours the internet for matches, tirelessly posts listings from HLP, TAS, THS, Kijiji and independent posts shared in FB groups. Most importantly  she contacts owners immediately and guides them on the first steps. Often people have NO idea what to do or where to start. Other members like Christine Ford of Oh My Dog  and Linda Hamilton assist with ground searches, on line communication,  humane trap delivery, and fundraising. There are always scores of folks jumping in to help with searches and reunions. If you’d like to volunteer contact them via the LFPT page.

Save the date, bring a friend and take advantage of this valuable info session. There will be snacks, drinks, and a raffle of amazing prizes. Seminar at 3:00, raffle/mingling at 4:00. Seminar attendees will receive a swag bag stuffed with goodies for humans and dogs. Donations gratefully accepted.



Saturday, June 25 3:00 pm

Barkside Bistro 

1125 Gerrard St. E Toronto

See event page for raffle items, details, and to RSVP

Tailspin Petworx 

Lost and Found Pets Toronto is not exclusive to dogs, all pets are represented.


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