A Bit of a Buzz Around the Leslieville Community Market Grand Opening

The Leslieville boys of summer are back!

Barry and Franklin
Franklin and Barry Hayes

You may remember Franklin and Barry Hayes from their initial Farm to Table fresh produce stand at Queen St. E and Kent. They then moved on to open the Milky Way Ice Cream/Pizza Thick shop on Queen near Pape, sold that, now they’re back in the market game.They recently took over the vacant lot besides Strats and opened for business Saturday, June 4. About a dozen vendors were on hand for opening day, Barry says he’s getting lots of interest and expects many more participants as the weeks go by.

If you’d like to set up a booth contact Barry, details at the end of this post.


Meet James the Beekeeper

James W Murray
James W Murray Bee Keeper

I was drawn to the live bee colony at James’s Pure Canadian Honey table consisting of 10,000 bees. Buzzing above him was a large Bumble Bee, no relation to his bees, it just happened to drop by.

James’s family was into beekeeping as a hobby, he liked it so much he turned it into a business. He’s just started branching out so if you’re into honey stop by and sample his wares he has a few different varieties.

James has around 100 bee colonies on various farms so the flavors depend on the flowers the bees are drawn to. Tell James what you’re looking for and he’ll suggest the right variety.

I asked James how many times he’d been stung, “lots”. He then told me about the healing powers of bee venom. James’s dad suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis  and his knuckles are the “size of golf balls”, James’s are not.

The condition is hereditary and James was diagnosed with it as well. He attributes his regular sized knuckles to the anti inflammatory properties found in the bee venom.  Who knew?

Market Pics

Leslieville Community Market

1134 Queen St. E Leslieville, Toronto

(416) 529-6189

Saturdays and Sundays

11 am – 4 pm

June to October

Possible Friday evening hours TBA

Vendors contact Barry Hayes barrymhayes@hotmail.com

James the Beekeeper jameswmurray@hotmail.com

Farmers’ Markets around Toronto






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