Taste of the Danforth, Pass on the Hot Dogs

The Taste of the Danforth hits the street this weekend, August 11-13

The mega street festival, Taste of the Danforth is celebrating it’s 24th year this weekend and is expected to draw well over a million visitors.

Most local residents try to be elsewhere during the festival, those left behind stock up beforehand and don’t dare move their car.

It’s a force capable of scaring the neighbors, imagine what it’s like for your dog.

Here are 5 reasons why your dog is better off at home

1. Crowds

Imagine you’re crawling along the ground surrounded by legs and feet. You’re trying to negotiate your route but you’re attached to someone who pulls you along their path. You’re getting stepped on and knocked around. Good times.

2. Sensory overload

A dog’s sense of smell is way more developed than ours. There are no definitive numbers representing by how much but suffice it to say they can scent out drugs, bed bugs, cadavers, and cancer, to name a few. Imagine what’s it like with all kinds of food cooking around them. Add to that the noise, there are several stages and events going on.

3. Heat

August is a pretty high temperature month and not only is the air hot but so is the pavement. Those paws can burn quickly and become raw open sores. Dogs can also overheat, dehydrate, and suffer heat stroke.


4. Discarded food

People drop all kinds of stuff on the ground, it only takes a second for your dog to hoover it up. Not only could they gulp up a piping hot piece of BBQ’d meat but it could also have a wooden skewer through it.

5. Fear

Sure, you know what’s going on but your dog is just along for the ride. Anything from a wheelchair, another dog, or person reaching out to pat their head could scare the bejesus out of them. They may even bolt, then what?

If you must bring your dog make sure they:

Have a good secure collar or better yet a harness.

Have up to date ID. If you’re in a pinch or visiting from out of town those plastic key fobs with space to write a phone number are a great option and easily attach to a collar via the ring part.

Have plenty of water available.

Are they doing OK? Keep an eye for distress or signs of shutting down.

Have frequent breaks away from the crowds and a rest in the shade.


Enjoy the festivities, leave the Poochini’s at home, and bring back a doggie bag


sleeping dog


They’ll be much happier




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