Antiquated, Ridiculous Holiday Shopping Restrictions

This was the only aisle restriction at Shoppers on Family Day.

Yeah, it can wait.



I went into Shoppers Drug Mart at Carlaw and Queen today. Being that it’s Family Day most places are closed and I needed bread, deodorant, and half price Valentine’s chocolate.

To my surprise in 2016 there are still sections that you can’t shop in during a stat holiday. You’d think by now we’d be free to purchase what we need, when we need it.

Today there was one aisle off limits, the feminine hygiene/incontinence section. Whaaa?

So if you’re in need of such management you’re SOL.

Notice how someone was intelligent enough to put chocolate right there? Why can’t the same smarts be applied to this BS of a by-law?

Fortunately at this point in my life I’m in the middle of these products so I’m good.

This blogTO piece from last year addresses the issue.


BTW Valentine chocolate is still full price. WTF!




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