Fundraiser, raffle, and I win more booze

Speaking of Dogs fundraiser raises over $5,500

Yes I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a booze hound and I have an uncanny knack for winning the stuff at raffles. I’d much prefer a car or massive house in Oakville but that would require buying $100 tickets in support of some high profile charity. So, since I support animal charities I end up with hooch. I’m OK with that except it’s usually stuff I don’t drink, fortunately I’m the self proclaimed “Queen of returns”

booze shot
Booboo checkin’ out the booze

I recently attended the Speaking of Dogs fundraiser at the Royal Canadian Legion. What’s not to love about an event at a legion?  All I need to do is refresh my make up, fluff my hair, put on clean clothes, polish my Blunds, and head out. Easy, casual, and just my speed.

Best $20 I’ve  spent in a long time

A $20 ticket got me in the door, a chance at a door prize, a good feed, and the comedic styling’s of the fabulous Judy Croon. Croon is not only a Second City instructor, motivational speaker, and comic, she is the co founder of Dog Starz. Dog Starz supports various animal charities, including the Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer.

I bought an arm’s length of raffle tickets and put them in the bags that corresponded with the prizes I wanted. I chose some lovely wine, an Egyptian cotton sheet set, a few baskets of dog stuff, and a hulking 1.75 litre bottle of scotch. Guess what I won.

Yes, you can return booze without a receipt

This weekend I’ll visit my local LCBO and trade in the scotch, a bottle of Smirnoff vanilla vodka, (why mess with vodka?) and a magnum of Sake, (I drank it warm when I had colds in the 70’s ) all spoils of my various raffle good fortune. I’m hoping to trade them in for some premium vodka and several bottles of my fave wine, Apothic Red.

So, If you’d like to support a dog charity check out these links.

You too may wine (ha, ha total typo) some stuff and help out some pooches in the process.

Speaking of Dogs

Dog Starz

Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer


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