Finally, a lottery win

$5,100 isn’t life changing but it’s certainly day changing

I’ve been buying a $5 Lotto Max every week for about 7 years.

It’s my routine, get gas, buy a ticket, and entertain the fleeting thought about how great it would be to win the lottery. Winning the lottery means millions. Winning at the lottery is what I did Friday, June 26, 2015.

I’ve always thought if I won I’d give $100,000 to the gas station attendant. His name is Shawn, I suspect it’s not his given name since he’s from India. He is there every time I stop by, even on the odd weekend. I know he works hard at a crappy job, so he would appreciate the wind fall and it would truly make me very happy.

I won slightly less then a few mill so I gave him $100. I’m pretty sure it changed his day at least.


I hugged a stranger and several people through out the day rubbed me for luck.

One person commenting on my luck, suggested I buy a lottery ticket.

My Fb post got more likes than any other I’ve ever posted. Well, there was that time I was the first to comment on a 50’s pic posted by a page, it was a couple of kids in the foreground unaware of the atomic bomb going off behind them. I commented with “talk about a photo bomb” that got over 150 likes. That was fun.

miss atomic bomb

I tried to find the picture but couldn’t, this one is pretty cool though.

It’s actually a tattoo.




A couple of people suggested I be frivolous, but that’s not me, especially with a condo closing coming up in less than a month. It was a nice bonus and I have to believe at some point I’m going to need it, so thank you Universe.

I’ll get some stuff for the new place, a BBQ, balcony furniture, window coverings….  I’ll say they came from my winnings.

Yes, Friday June 26, 2015 was a very good day.

Sunday, June 28 was a pretty crappy day, I went to get the screen on my iPhone fixed and they not only failed to replace it, they totally wiped out my phone, I lost all my contacts and over 2,500 pictures.

I know, I thought it was all backed up but I was wrong.

Oh well, that’s how my life goes, there has to be some adversity in all my good fortune. I’m OK with that, in this case the good far outweighed the bad.

I’m happy.

What’s the best thing you or someone you know has ever won?



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