East End Comedy Revue moves to Leslieville

Comedy toast of Corktown pops up in Leslieville

 Have a laugh, support local, and benefit a charity

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In 2008 comic Dave Martin produced the first East End Comedy Revue at the now defunct Dominion on Queen.

If you watch TV, listen to XFM, or leave your house, you’ve probably laughed at Martin.

Martin  emceed most of the shows with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Toronto Humane Society.

The shows were comedy club caliber, featuring top local talent.

Corktown’s loss is Leslieville’s gain as the venue finds a new home at the Duke Live.

The next show is Nov. 28, 2015 featuring Scott Thompson and Kenny Robinson

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A comic and a dog walker go into a bar….

Katy Reid
Katie Reid

Katie Reid  owner, operator of KatyK9 a local dog training and walking service, joined forces with Martin in 2015 and together they have revamped the Revue.

Reid is quite active in the Leslievlle community, in July 2014 she established the Leslieville Supper Club  as a way of helping local businesses effected by the massive TTC Barns construction project.

Reid was also one of the driving forces behind the Greenwood Dog Park Resurfacing Project in 2014. Part of the fund raising efforts involved a comedy show at the Duke. The sold out show raised over $4,000 from ticket sales and raffle items generously donated by local businesses.

Teaming up with Martin to co produce a monthly comedy show seemed a no brainier.

Local charities benefit from ticket sales

A portion of each show’s proceeds will benefit a different local charity chosen by the community before every show.

Join the East End Comedy Revue Facebook page for updates and your chance to nominate and vote for local charities.

The inaugural October 25 show raised over $400 for the South Riverdale Child Parent Center.

The upcoming show will benefit Streetz 2 Treatz assisting those on the street and their pets.

You can donate clothes and pet items at the show as well.


 Ah the Duke, Leslieville’s drunken uncle

The Duke, at the south west corner of Queen St. E and Leslie has been a Leslieville  landmark since 1870. Originally called the Morin house, it was changed to the Duke of York in 1912 when it found new owners.

The building was listed as “Architectural Historical” in 1983, which means it’s here to stay, although there may be a way to build condos on top of it.

the duke john wayneSometime along the way a mural of John Wayne holding a rifle adorned the front of the building. This was removed in 2008.

The Duke is a  bit rough around the edges, not your typical trendy Leslieville haunt.

I find it reminiscent of a Canadian small town hotel and it carries a bit of nostalgia for me.

My family was spread out across western Canada and we would take many summer road trips.

As kids me and my cousins would get deposited in the hotel lobby of which ever town we were in, our parents would press a couple of dollars into our palms, then go drinking in the bar.

It was the 60’s guys, we were also stashed in the trunks of cars so they could sneak us into Drive-ins.

Good times.

One of the best patios in Leslieville

duke patioIn the summer of 2014 the Duke underwent a transformation on it’s patio. It’s massive and roomy, most other restaurants would cram at least 20 more tables into the space. It has a simple, evolving menu and modest prices. The staff is friendly and attitude free.

I doubt it will ever become the new brunch/hang out spot resulting in sidewalk – jamming lineups. The Duke is what it is, in all it’s sans kale glory. I’m OK with that.


The first show brought laughs and gasps


Things got under way with the musical styling of Suga Jam around 8:10.

It was a talent packed show featuring Sean Emeny, Christina Walkinshaw, Dawn Whitwell, Marito Lopez, Peter Anthony, and headliner Tim Steeves

The highlight for me was when the beautiful, super wasted woman seated behind us couldn’t decide if she was attracted to, or threatened by performer Dawn Whitwell.

She went from delivering compliments to hurling insults then began weaving her way towards the stage.

Reid, ahead of security, stealthy moved in behind her, “taking her down” just before her second foot hit the stage.

“She’s small but she’s a body builder”, explained Reid, ” I waited until she had one foot on the stage so I could grab her off balance.”

I was amazed Reid put that much thought into it, but she does work with animals after all and has the ability to anticipate their moves.

Turns out ‘nutter woman’ was feature performer Peter Anthony’s date.

Just goes to show you, if you’re a comic you can get just about any woman.

 Here’s a look at the Oct. 25th show

Photo credit Rob Trick Photography


The next show is Saturday, November 28, 2015

Featuring Scott Thompson and Kenny Robinson


Jeff Paul, Sandra Battaglini, Barry Taylor and Chantel Marostica

Partial proceeds to benefit Streetz 2 Treatz assisting those on the street and their pets

You can also donate usable clothes and pet items at the show


Come see what happens this time

East End Comedy Revue

The Duke Live

1225 Queen St. E @ Leslie

Doors open at 7:30 show starts at 8:00

Parking in the rear, all night Queen car at the door

A short stumble to most Leslieville homes

Tickets are $15 advanced, $20 at the door

Or you can pick them up at The Duke any day before the show





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