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Bruce’s Bench – Have You Seen Bruce?


July 16, 1999 – August 10, 2014

bruce glassesYou rarely saw Bruce and his human Jane Weaver together at Cherry Beach, but you always knew where either one was. Bruce would gallop up to anyone and everyone in search of treats while Jane’s unmistakable laugh echoed around the park. Eventually Jane would come around the corner and ask, “Have you seen Bruce?” then she’d laugh.

Jane and Bruce usually hung out with Heather and her Golden Avi. It was Avi’s birthday one time and Heather was letting everyone know so Avi could get a celebratory treat. Well, didn’t Bruce start telling everyone it was his birthday too so he wouldn’t be left out.

Okay, that’s my interpretation of how it went down.

Bruce or Bruceyyyyyyy! as I called him was one on the most well known dogs at Cherry. When he passed, Diana (Gramma D) Griffin rallied folks and started a collection for his bench. It snowballed from there to a euchre tournament/fund raiser graciously hosted by local dog walker Audie Agnew and his partner Gary at their home. What a time! There were raffles, prizes, drinks, tons of food, and a large representation from the CB crew. Over $1,000 was raised that night.

Cherry Beach is a special place with an awesome community, we are so fortunate to be a part of it.

Here are some of Jane’s memories

“Bruce, an American Staffordshire Terrier, was quite the character. I adopted him when he was six years old and had the pleasure of his companionship for nine years.
His favourite activity was spending his weekend walks at Cherry Beach where, with celebrity status, he met his fans and schmoozed for treats with those big, beautiful brown eyes of his.
Bruce was a lap dog and didn’t realize how being an eighty-pound canine could be a problem on a couch full of people. He would wiggle and squeeze his way in ever so gingerly settling so that a part of him touched the humans on either side, then give a great moan of contented relief.
Once, when a few dogs got treats at Cherry Beach, Bruce pretended he was going to be sick with his muzzle on. I panicked, took off the muzzle and he immediately went back to sitting for a treat. Bruce was the master. When Bruce would go off to lay down in the grass, it wouldn’t be a gentle lie down. He would do a slow gallop and then flip himself over, landing hard on his side, then roll over onto his back to wiggle and have a good scratch.
When I went on vacation, Bruce stayed with a friend, Elliott, and her family. It was Easter and the kids had painted a carton of Easter eggs. The family went out for the day, leaving Bruce home alone. They arrived home to find the styrofoam carton on the kitchen counter where they had left it. Elliott went to open the carton. It was empty. Elliott was upset, thinking her son had hidden them as a joke as there was no evidence, not a scratch on the carton or bits of shell on the floor. Somehow, Bruce had helped himself to the eggs leaving no trail. Bruce was the master.
Bruce brought a smile to the faces of all he knew and met. He was a beautiful, gentle boy. He will be missed, his rocking horse run with his head slightly turned to one side while bolting for treats from friends.”



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