Who and what is GypsyCanine?

Kelly Rae Manis and Booboo

me and booboo

This is me and my ever faithful dog Booboo.

I’ve lived in Toronto since 1977 and in that time I’ve had two husbands, two amazing kids, spent far too much time in the restaurant industry, performed stand up comedy for a decade and in 2004 I started  Kelly’s Dog Walking.

In 2013 I decided to move to Vancouver Island. As much as I love Toronto it’s run it’s course. I spend a big part of my day in traffic and rarely take advantage of all the wonderful things it has to offer, besides I’m ready for a change. I gave myself five years, (by the time I turn 60 in 2018) to make it happen. When the time is right I will cash in everything I have, hook up my funky camper trailer (still looking), pack up me and Booboo and head out on the “mother of all road trips”, hence the name GypsyCanine.

I’ll write about the people, places and things I encounter along the way.

It could take a few months or several years. Whatever happens, happens.

This will be my retirement.

In the mean time I’ll be cutting my writing teeth here. I don’t plan on covering any one thing, I’ll share interesting people, places, goings on and the process of finding the perfect camper/caravan for my adventure.

Of course I’ll bitch about some stuff too.

I invite you to follow along and ultimately join us on our road trip.

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